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Company Information

Thanks A Million Inc.
11035 Technology Place, Suite 500,
San Diego 92127,
California, USA
T: (858) 432-7744
F: (858) 432-7747

Lowell Cohen first met Peter Moustakos on Long Island in the early 80’s around the time he was starting his first business. A young entrepreneur with a keen eye for the market, Lowell saw the quality artwork his friend was producing and knew it was only a matter of time before Peter would be hailed as a master of design.

As often is the case, friends go their separate ways. Over the years, Lowell went on to become a very successful businessman; Peter continued painting and not only perfected ground-breaking techniques that revolutionized the world of airbrush, screen printing and heat transfer, but also created thousands of designs worn by millions of Americans.

Now some 25 years later, he and Lowell have combined their considerable talents to form a new, high-concept sportswear company that will produce and mass-market Peter’s exceptional designs.

If you were to look up synergy in the past you would have found it defined…”the interaction of different agents to create a total effect greater than the sum of the individual efforts.” Look it up now and there’s a very good chance you’ll find pictures of Peter and Lowell.

About The Artist

Vision, perhaps the most precious of all the senses, is one of the primary Links between mankind and its experience of the world. However, vision is much more than the results of the passage of light through the cornea; more than a mere perception of the many images That help qualify and define our internal and external environments.

For artists, musicians, scientists, and explorers, vision is the playground of the imagination, the Amusement park of the sense that lies just beyond the horizon. It is born of inspiration, innovation, And soul, and it allows those who dare peek around its corners to discover those secret places that Blur the line between reality and magic.

Peter Moustakos is a long time resident of this magical world in which artistry and imagination Seamlessly blend. From his very first display ad in impressions Magazine April 1983, to his placing In the top ten in the prestigious 1991 and 1993 Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest, to his long standing Contract with the Arthur A. Kaplan Company to produce fine art reproductions, Peter continues to be one of America’s premier artists and innovators, especially as regards to the complex applications of heat transfer and airbrush technology for both synthetic and natural fiber materials.

Growing up in Commack, New York, Peter was much more than just some kid who whiled away his youth drawing concept cars during history class. Peter ran the gamut painting designs for tee shirts, motorcycles, posters, rock stars guitars, movie star memorabilia, and restaurant walls. From his first commission to draw the cover of his elementary school’s Spring Festival Music Program, to the artwork he did during his stint in the Air Force, to being named resident artist of St. Marteen, West Indies, Peter’s uncanny ability to graphically depict the world he sees is the cornerstone upon Which numerous businesses have developed and continue to thrive.

However, Peter’s greatest triumph has not been achieving the recognition, notoriety, and rewards to which most artists aspire. In 1999 Peter suffered a massive stroke that would have destroyed most other people. In the same way that Peter lived his life as an expression of his artistic vision, he summoned all of his inner strength to create a vision of his recovery. Well on his way back to health, Peter arrives in San Diego on January 18, 2000. And now, in celebration of the new life Peter built for himself, he has generated a unique portfolio of work he is anwious to share with the world.